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MC     :   How have you been Minho ?

M       :   Since I stayed in Japan, I’ve just came back here only for recording this show ^^

MC    :   How about you Taemin ?

T        :   Same as Minho hyung… I was in Japan…

MC     :   As Minho’s manager ??

T & M :   XD 

*  110626  Dream Team Asian Star Special


FA-2MIN @HappyTaeminDay- to our happy two baby (≧▽≦) by Tau 

Make me choose」-Taemin or Minho (2min)
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SHINee gave a letter and autographed album to a fan whom passed away in the Sewol ferry tragedy. The PD whom was in charge of the Sewol column spoke to this fan’s mother on the phone and she asked the PD if she can help her to obtain SHINee’s autographs as she came across a box full of SHINee’s stuff while packing her daughter’s belongings. Her daughter’s birthday is just a week away and she wanted to do something for her. Thus the PD asked for their autographs through a contact, and didn’t expect to receive a letter from SHINee.

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Translation of SHINee’s letter by: K_ESPERANDO

Heard that you love SHINee’s songs.

Heart became heavy…that is so difficult…maybe unable to understand that kind of feeling, definitely going to a better place, become peaceful, that’s what I would like to think.

Will this be comforting for you…It will be good if saying these will be able to comfort you…

In the end just feeling sad and more apologetic.

There was once a friend who likes me very much but left this world because of illness, even though she was ill, she insisted on taking photos, just to be able to see once even from afar but heard she passed away shortly thereafter.

Just want to tell you, I, will remember you just like I remembered that friend, and all the people around you will pray for you and will always remember you.

Will remember that you were once the pride of your parents, friends, and was once an important part of me too, you will be remembered in this way. Hoping that you will be happy no matter where you are.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. (*Note: used in the order of past, present and future tense)

I will continue to work hard too to let everyone listen to good songs!

May you rest in peace.

English translation: eimanjjong


ソーーーーーーー キューーーーーーート!!!!!!!!!

SHINee wrote a letter to a fan who passed away due to the Sewol ferry disaster. A mother who was interviewed for a Sewol documentary asked the PD if he could get her SHINee’s autograph, because she found a box full of SHINee related items while packing her daughter’s room. It’s one week to her daughter’s birthday, and she wanted to do something for her. So the PD got SHINee’s autograph, but to his surprise, SHINee even wrote a letter along with it.

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Brian Puspos is a Filipino dancer/choreographer, who also works with Ian Eastwood.

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