Taemin: Then Vs Now!


OMG……i love him even more for noticing us lol 


Boy’s Day - Something


twitter fans and tumblr fans are like two different species


Hey Shawols~ It’s that time again to show our shawol power for our precious boys, this time Taemin! XD

Show your support for our beloved maknae by watching his MV Danger and Ace on the SM Channel on youtube~ and please do leave encouraging comments to acknowledge him for his talent and his hard work all these years!

He deserves all the love and support from us!

SHINee (minus onew) at SMTOWN IV’s rehearsal stage.

taemin reassuring shawols during SMtown concert

140815 - Minho and Yoona goofing off together

But those are the days that bind us together, forever
And those little things define us forever, forever